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Value of the contract
The contractor (principal) calculates or estimates (see "calculation of value") the amount of money for the service to be provided by the offerer. The value of the contract can together with the threshold value have an effect both on the choice of procedure and on the legal remedy.
Value threshold clause
Services in the context of a building project whose value falls below a certain amount (absolute) and at the same time below a given percentage of the total building contract (relative) do not need to conform to the provisions of the BöB.
Swiss Federal Ordinance on Public Procurement of 11 December 1995. This regulates tender procedure for public procurement contracts in accordance with the BöB as well as other federal procurement procedures and forms of competition for planning projects, etc.
The Swiss Federal Law on Administrative Procedures of 20 December 1968. With certain exceptions the law also applies to procurement procedures..
Swiss Federal Supreme Court ruling on the compulsory realization of property of 23 April 1920 (SR 281.42)
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