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Frequently asked questions

Here you find frequently asked questions and the pertinent answers.

For publication services: questions about the form service

How can I use the online form service?
You can register through See reference Publish to the left to register above Register on the left.

Why can't the forms be accessed?
If you are choosing a form in this section for the first time, you must first of all register as a registration office (see above). There is a list of all sections on the homepage. You will need to register for each section.

Making out an invoice for SOGC publications
SOGC publications are invoiced (invoicing address) to the appropriate client (registration office). If the latter is dealing on behalf of the legal entity involved or is carrying out a corresponding function, he can accordingly invoice out the invoiced SOGC expenditure on the basis of his mandate (with the legal entity in question as invoicing address). This procedure ensures that the legal entity is in the end sent an invoice that meets the requirements for VAT deduction. If you have any queries, you can contact us at the following address. Email: